August 16, 2012 - 4:13 pm

    Hip Hops newest independent rising stars have collaborated for the first major release of the Fail Mixtape called  “Feed Me Beats”  featuring Ohene Savant, WaKiL, and Gabe Roland, with production by Young Fyre. The track is the first single of the mixture which includes new music from T-Pain, Diggy Simmons, Jacob Lattimore, and Khleo Thomas, and is a showcase of up and coming talent who, like the web series, are taking music through the internet, by storm.

    In keeping with Fails brand of being a fresh look at sitcoms and hip hop, the single is designed to do the same. Opening the 3rd verse to up and coming talent, “Feed Me Beats” is the first official contest of the Fail Mixtape and AllHipHop. Rappers from across the nation are invited to add a verse and “eat the beat up”. Winners will be announced at the beginning of September and the winner will be officially added to the track as well as featured on all Hip Hop and the video for the song.

    WaKiL is no stranger to the limelight. The Kansas City native has been doing music for over a decade. While making a buzz in the Midwest, he drew the attention of producer Brian Kennedy (Rihanna, Chris Brown) and relocated to Los Angeles to begin working with him.  Both as an artist and producer WaKiL has rocked stages from Los Angeles to Singapore as well as leant his production talents to numerous artists including John West feat. Big Sean’s hit “Already There as well as his lyrical talents to the likes of Fantasia who will be featuring the young rapper on her upcoming project. WaKiL’s newest EP “Little Giants” is set for release this fall.

    Ohene Savant makes his return to the Fail Mixtape and AllHipHop with this collaboration. Savant, the protégé of M’tume and mentored by other Hip Hop greats such as Christopher “Play” Martin, has been making headlines for his lyrical ability and infectious musical genius over the past few years. A recent BET Music Matters showcase participant, Ohene’s “Superficial Girl” video will be releasing on AllHipHop with an exclusive behind the scenes.

    Gabe Roland rounds out “Feed Me beats” with his smooth melodic vocals. Another native of Kansas City, Gabe’s musical ability has carried him from the heartland, to Los Angeles, to most recently New York City, where he, too, was a BET Music Matter’s featured artist.  Roland’s latest mixtapes “Planet Nowhere” and “DreamNation” have made waves online. Proficient in keys and producing, Gabe has proven that musicianship is not dead, but has transformed into the artist that can do it all.

     Young Fyre lends his expertise to Feed Me Beats serving as producer and co-writer. Fyre made his debut on the music scene years ago working with such music greats as Tech Nine, but came to fame when he was signed to by T-Pain to his Nappy Boy label after winning a nationwide producer contest.  Since, Fyre has failed to disappointment. Producing such hits as “Best Love Song” by T-Pain and Chris Brown as well as T-Pain’s “Bootywurk” Fyre has become one of the most sought after music producers. The icing on the cake was producing Lil Wayne’s “How to Hate” which was featured on his Grammy Award Winning Carter 4 album. Currently in the studio working with various artists, Fyre has only begun to change the way the world spells fire.

    All official entries to be the 3rd verse in the “Feed Me Beats” Contestants tracks should be sent in a link tweeted to @thefailshow. To vote for your favorite to win, comments should be left on the next episode of fail premiering Next Thursday on AllHipHop at 4pm.  To vote for your winner comment with “I want (contestants name) to eat the beat!”.  Votes can also be tweeted. Voting never stops and can be done multiple times. Winner will be announced Sept. 1st.

    Download instrumental to “Feed Me Beats” HERE!


  • Tallahassee Talent Puts Cameras on College Life
    June 28, 2012 - 6:24 pm

    June 27, 2012 | | Written by: Karlanna Lewis, Senior Staff Writer

    What happens when FSU and FAMU alumni team up to share some of their college experiences with the world? The answer to this pop-quiz (no cheating necessary) is the FAIL show, a Web series about university life.

    Vanessa Baden, who graduated from FSU in 2007 with a degree in sociology, took what she learned in media production classes and moved to Los Angeles. Teaming with James Bland, a FAMU graduate who she met through the Student Coalition for Justice in Tallahassee, the two decided to channel their college experiences into FAIL, forming a cast with fellow Tallahasseeans. Former Seminole Andrew Bachelor and Rattler Whitney Reed play wannabe thug, C.K., and entomologist oddball, B.J., respectively. The final two cast members, former Disney channel siblings Tristin and Jeryn Mays, joined the team. Everyone takes on multiple roles—Baden and Bland act as well as write and produce. 

    “It’s hard but it’s good,” said Baden. “We’re the creators, the writers, the directors and we cast it. It’s our vision, and we know what college looks like and what we want to see. We think it’s funny. We look forward to when it gains some momentum and we can have more people to do things.” 

    The show is called FAIL, and the six students on the show are flunking, but the message about higher education is positive. FAIL publicist and FSU alumna Amanda Spann hopes it helps teenagers realize the value of their education. 

    “The show is fun and lighthearted, but it gets the message to kids that college not only prepares your life professionally, but also lays the foundations for relationships that will last a lifetime,” said Spann.

    Baden plays Hope, the group’s leading social force, who uses her good looks to get what she wants. Baden is quick to say it’s not typecasting, but she did know plenty of Hopes on campus.

    “We based every character off somebody or a few people we knew in school—so we hope people will recognize them,” said Baden. “I had a lot of friends who were just like her. One friend in particular, I had to channel her and be like, ‘What would she do?’” 
    Now on it’s second season, with episodes including “Teach Me How to Study” and “Where the Party At,” the show is ripe with humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    Best of all, the music is superior to plenty of primetime soundtracks. The show’s theme song belongs to rapper T-Pain, a Tallahassee native. Others in the hip hop world are taking note too—last summer the team met Christopher “Play” Martin (of the rap and acting duo Kid ’n Play) on tour and he came on board as an executive producer. Soon enough picked up the show to feature on its Web site. 

    “ is the leading hip hop Web site in the world,” said Spann. “They were open to doing something out of the traditional norm of the music side of hip hop. A lot of entertainers are like, ‘We really support your message.’ A lot of celebrities are tweeting about the show, like Monique, Mo, who was on VH1.” 

    Volume 1 of the show’s mixtape, to be released this summer, features Jacob Lattimore, Diggy Simmons and of course, T-Pain. Like the show, the compilation aims to feature lesser known artists as well. 

    “One of the things we really wanted to do was to imbue music into the show,” said Baden. “Music really dictates what’s going on—we wanted to highlight some underground artists who are on the cusp of being signed and give them their shot as well. It makes the show more viral because music’s so viral. Music is the driving force of our generation.” 

    Bland is a BET Lens On Talent finalist and Baden is a former Nickelodeon star. They do hope to move the show into network sitcom territory. They also want to move filming from Los Angeles to Tallahassee, the home of its first inspiration. 

    “We do eventually want to move it back to Tallahassee, just to give everyone the same opportunities like what Will Packer did,” said Baden. 

    Producer Will Packer is a FAMU alumnus and one of the show’s mentors. With thousands of YouTube views, the FAIL show is a testament to the Tallahassee alumni’s motion picture success. Nothing is stopping other Seminoles from following suit. 

    “It doesn’t matter if you know how,” said Baden. “Just pick up a camera and shoot. The best learning is experience. There are so many things you can find on line or at Florida State. Everything you need to put something together like this is at your fingertips when you’re in college.”

  • NessaSary Delivers an Epic Fail
    June 27, 2012 - 6:46 pm

    Vannessa Snell (NessaSary) has been rapping since the age of eleven. She had plans to become a rap superstar by the age of 18. Instead, she decided to continue pursuing higher education much to her mother’s liking. As NessaSary continued to further her education, her interest in college slowed down as her priorities had to change because she became a mother of two children. Her love for music was reignited when she caught up with an old high school friend, Priscilla Renea, who is signed to Capitol Records and has written songs for music’s elite superstars including Rihanna, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige and Madonna. With the help of her close friends and family she began to pursue her dreams of rap superstardom again. NessaSary began to release videos on YouTube called “Rapisodes”, which showcased her rapping skills over the hottest songs out. With each rapisode being released she began to build a strong fan base. NessaSary’s YouTube page now has over 2,600 subscribers with over 220,000 views on her videos.

    The self proclaimed “Female Rap President’s” debut mixtape “By Any Means NessaSary (B.A.M.N.)” will be released on July 13, 2012. B.A.M.N. will feature production and original music by upcoming producers and NessaSary. B.A.M.N. gives the listeners a glimpse into NessaSary’s eclectic music choice, which varies from club bangers to hip-pop/dance tracks. NessaSary stays true to her humble beginnings on her “Rapisodes” delivering impeccable lyrical execution. She hopes to be signed to a major recording contract and will stop at nothing to make sure the NessaSary brand becomes a global commodity.

    The original song “Epic Fail” was written for the Fail Show Mixtape. The song includes production from upcoming producer J.B. “Hi Stakes” Ceant with Hi Stakes Production/Main Event Music Group. 106 & Park W.O.W. winner Tanza penned the song’s hook while Kelli Wakili stepped in and laid the vocals on the hook. NessaSary says “The idea came about when I thought of my college experience and those around me. The lyrics include scenarios that could happen that could distract one from the main focus of school which ultimately results in an “Epic Fail !” The song relates to the reoccurring theme of the characters of the Fail Show getting into misadventures when they should be studying. 

    For updates and more information on “By Any Means NessaSary” follow NessaSary on Twitter @NessaSary88

    By: Savina Billups

  • Behind the Scenes of “SUPERFICIAL GIRL” Shoot
    June 26, 2012 - 10:16 pm

    The music video for O’Hene Savant’s single “SUPERFICIAL GIRL”, which is also the first single released off the upcoming FAIL Mix Tape Vol. 1, was shot in Atlanta last weekend and directed by FAIL Executive Producer Christopher “Play” Martin. Take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes action from the video shoot.

  • Winning Story Behind “Fail”
    June 16, 2012 - 6:51 pm

    Executive Producers, James Bland, Vanessa Baden and Christopher “Play Martin sat down with and shared the story behind the original web series “Fail”. Take a read below.

    Just ask them. The viewing options catering to today’s young, Hip-Hop demographic are slim to none. So, it was a welcome offer when Christopher Martin – a.k.a. “Play” of the classic ’80s rap duo, Kid ‘N Play – came along with a brand-new web series aimed directly at the under-served, urban teen and collegiate audience.

    “FAIL” is epic in its comedy and fresh take on the topsy-turvy lives of today’s youth. Produced by actors and filmmakers, Vanessa Baden and James Bland, the show has comedy, drama, hi-jinks, and lessons all wrapped up in one. And, to keep the Hip-Hop edge intact, Play offers his regular advisement to the show.

    Before this week’s episode of “FAIL” (airing each Thursday afternoon), sat down with its creators to get the skinny on a phat, new show: How did “FAIL” come about?

    James Bland: It was October 2010, I had just left an assistant position at Sony Pictures, and Vanessa had recently quit a teaching job in Florida and relocated to L.A. to pick up her acting career. We were sitting around one night reminiscing about our college days, as we often did, and the conversations shifted to the current state of Hollywood. At the time there were absolutely no Black sitcoms on television, zero programming that specially catered to the urban 13-24 demographic, and nothing on television reminded us of shows we grew up watching.

    We quickly came to the conclusion that there was a void in the market, and if we wanted to see if filled, we would have to create it ourselves. That night, we decided to create a college-themed comedy based on stories and people we had experience during our college days, and “FAIL” was born. The concept and even the tile for the show came instantly. It was an extremely organic process. When did Christopher “Play” Martin get involved?

    James Bland: I first met Play in 2010 during a screening of my short film, Cocoa Love. He happened to be at the screening, saw the film, and gave me some good feedback on it. Fast forward nine month later, Vanessa and myself are on a summer college tour promoting “FAIL” across the state of Florida, and we run into Play at a Best Buy in Tallahassee. He remembered me from the screening and asked what I was doing in town.

    Vanessa Baden: Yeah, Play coming on was the craziest story. We had shot the first fou- episodes and were doing our best to push them ourselves. We bought one way tickets to Florida to use all of our college resources and do a makeshift college tour to try and get the show out. We didn’t even know how we were getting back to L.A. We were sleeping on couches and performing spoken word in churches on Sunday to get gas money to the next city.

    When we got to Tallahassee, all of our computers crashed THE SAME morning before a church performance. As soon as we were done, we went to Best Buy to try and troubleshoot, and Play was in line in front of us. James recognized him, and as we all were talking, we told him our story and handed him a flier. About two hours later, we get a call to meet him for lunch the next day. The rest is history.

    Read the full article HERE.

  • Andrew Bachelor is Comedy Next Big Thing
    June 7, 2012 - 1:35 am

    Live Dapper, the official online magazine for gentlemen, ran a story on their website on June 5th coining Fail star Andrew Bachelor “Comedy’s Next Big Thing.” Check out the article below written by Nicole Liddicote.

    For as long as he can remember, Andrew Bachelor has been entertaining others. “I didn’t know it was called ‘acting,’” he tells me during our interview. The enthusiasm is apparent in his voice. “I thought it was just called ‘pretending.’” Whatever you call it, Bachelor has an undeniable talent, spurring his realization that he wanted to “pretend” forever. But it’s his uncontrollable passion, combined with ever-increasing ambition, which sets Bachelor apart.

    The list of Bachelor’s accomplishments is long: he’s part of the web series, Fail Show with such actors as Vanessa Baden, Tristin Mays and Jeryn Mays, has numerous YouTube videos that have gone viral, is a part of Shaquille O’Neal’s comedy line-up, and his film, Agent Steele, which Bachelor not only starred in, but wrote and directed as well, was featured on Dateline NBC last fall. And, if all that isn’t enough, Bachelor has been working on a new sketch-comedy web series, King Bachelor’s Pad, set to premiere June 5th. Bachelor tells me that his increasing popularity and recognition have left him feeling blessed, but also hungry to keep going and to create even more. He jokes that the new series began as a joke itself. “My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas,” he tells me, “and I said a show.” But the more he thought about it, the more Bachelor realized it wasn’t really just a joke, and he set about getting a team of writers and actors together. The result: King Bachelor’s Pad which, judging by the promos released on Bachelor’s Pad TV’s YouTube channel, is a dynamic sketch-comedy show with high quality production, a long list of well-known guest stars, and an overall feel that seems to be drawn straight out of a full-blown Hollywood film. Ambitious indeed.

    Bachelor describes his new show as mainly situational-type comedy with a heavy dose of character acting, and his own, personal style of improvisation. “I get a script and I internalize it. I don’t really study the lines,” he tells me nonchalantly. “I base a character off of what I envision [that character] to be like. However I envision it in my head, I just try to go with that… [For instance], a character can be really out there, but he’s so serious about it. That’s what makes it funny.” Another rule on set? Bachelor tells me he almost “never says, ‘cut.’” It’s all about the natural feel, the structured improv. That’s the backbone of Bachelor’s comedy. “I really live [every] character,” he tells me, the energy in his voice rising, “that’s my most important thing. Living that character and really being that character.”

    He even bats around an idea of a documentary he wants to make, showing the “entire process of film-making, everything from writing to full-on production,” in the future. His  creativity never stops. Clearly, this hasn’t gone unnoticed, garnering the attention of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, whose branded YouTube channel (The Comedy Shaq Network) will feature Bachelor’s new series. Of the increasing attention, Bachelor is modestly, yet undeniably excited, telling me, “It’s like going to Disneyland for the first time.”

    The new web series, King Bachelor’s Pad premieres June 5th at, and Bachelor promises it’s going to be good. “We’re about to give you that edgy stuff,” he tells me, his voice lighting up. “Mature audiences only.” He pauses, and then adds, “Unless you’re a bad parent, then bring your kids.”

  • Athlete Star of FAIL Explains Why You Should Tune In
    June 6, 2012 - 10:30 pm

    Wild nights and parties. Cramming for those BIG exams. An introduction to a whole new class of members of the opposite sex. All on the quest to fulfill your personal goal of higher education. If you have been there, then you know the road to success at any college or university is often chock full of twists and turns. Many meeting success in their own particular ways. Those are the college days, or as some may refer to them the ‘good ol’days’. A time where the world seemed right at your fingertips.

    Airing right now, is the second season of “FAIL”. Still relatively new to audiences, the show is allowing you to relive those days if you choose. The season’s first episode debuted last week on It’s the web’s number one and most respected outlet for all news pertaining to hip hop, and definitely a good look for the show’s creators as they work towards expanding “FAIL’s” audience.

    James Bland, the show’s co creator also plays the role of “Jones”. He joined me for this edition of “The Feature Column” to explain why you should be tuning in.

    Nicole: So, It was nine months ago that you guys finished the taping process, but you just launched this past Thursday. What’s been the response so far?

    James: So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. A lot of the comments I’ve got are people are ‘so glad that “FAIL” is back’. People are saying ‘you guys have really stepped it up’ with this second season’. Also, people are just really excited to see that it’s on I’ve heard that it’s a ‘really good look’. ‘That’s a really great move for you guys’. People are excited to see the rest of these episodes. So, the first episode was about this house party that the group was going to and it broke out into this big brawl. It was pretty hype. We had a lot of music in the episode, so now people are anxious to see what we’re going to come up with.

    Visit the “The Feature Column” on for full story and to read the rest of the interview.

  • Partners With Fail
    May 29, 2012 - 7:00 pm

    (AllHipHop News) “Fail,” an online urban comedy show for youth, will premiere its second season exclusively on in a partnership with Hip-Hop legend Christopher “Play” Martin of Kid-N-Play, and acclaimed producers, Vanessa Baden and James Bland.

    The college-themed “Fail” will begin this Thursday, May 31 on, and continue on every Thursday thereafter.

    “We at AllHipHop are pleased to present the “Fail” show to our audience. Hip-Hop, as a culture, is ever expanding and limitless. This is another facet to that culture on another platform,” said Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, co-founder of

    The show is geared towards an under-served demographic in Hip-Hop – students in middle, high school, and early college.

    “Fail” is a comedy about a group of co-eds who are on the verge of academic probation as a result of the random misadventures they embark on after class.

    A press statement about the web series says, “The series focuses on six students who in an attempt to improve their grades form a study group and end up spending more time in each other’s social circles than in their books, proving that college is about finding yourself and your friends for life.”

    “Fail,” contrary to the title, is meant to inspire youth to stay in school, a notion that attracted Christopher “Play” Martin.

    “I’m very excited to be a part of something so new, and I truly thank for the opportunity to do something so groundbreaking in the digital age of Hip-Hop entertainment,” said Martin. “But I’m more humbled to be in a position in life to support and present the talents involved with this series the way others before me believed in Kid, Play, Martin, Tisha, AJ, and Full Force.”

    Martin is also known for starring in the hit movie franchise, “House Party,” to which Meek Mill offered a nod to in his song of the same name.

    AllHipHop will also release the “The FAIL mixtape” Vol. 1, which includes exclusive material from Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore, T-Pain, and others.

    Read full story at


  • Cereal Challenge Contest
    May 17, 2012 - 6:54 pm

    C.K. hits people with cereal. We don’t advise you to do the same. It hurts. Take our word for it. We want to know what creative things you can do with cereal.

    Enter the Fail “Cereal Challenge” and with the help of your Facebook friends you could win a free fail t-shirt.

    Here’s how to enter:

    1. Figure out what creative thing you can do with cereal.

    2. Snap a photo of you and your creative cereal thing.

    3. Visit our Facebook page and upload your photo to the “Cereal Challenge” contest promo.

    4. Let the voting begin! Invite your Facebook friends to vote for their favorite “Cereal Challenge” photo for your chance to win a free Fail T-Shirt.

    The official contest starts May 31st and ends June 30th. The top three contestants with the most votes will win a free Fail T-Shirt. Winners will be contacted to claim prizes.

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