About the Show

Six slightly stereotypical classmates on the verge of academic probation must join forces as their excitement-driven adventures have steered them off course to graduate with a tight timeline left to clean up their records and collect their credits.

In a desperate attempt to improve their grades, the students form a study group. But when more effort is put towards remaining in social circles than in the books, they quickly learn that the best lessons in college are learned outside of the classroom.

From the dimwitted jock, seductive heartthrob and curious oddball, to the naïve freshman, plotting perpetrator and attractive troublemaker – FAIL captures a vivid snapshot of the college lifestyle through the lens of the characters that craft college culture.

Each episode takes viewers on a sidesplitting journey with these six college misfits as they face true challenges experienced by college students across the country in search for a path to success; even if it mean they must hit a few bumps and wrong turns along the way.